Speech and Language Technology


Transparent Access to Multiple Information for the Citizen

TAMIC is a pilot project funded by the European Community to investigate the feasibility of NL access to heterogeneous information systems. The main project is planned to start in 1996.


Automated Appointment Scheduling by E-Mail

Planning business appointments with a number of partners can easily become a time and money consuming process: multitudinous queries, corrections and delays have to be dealt with before all parties…

Parameterizable NL Discourse Core Engine

The project PARADICE will construct a core engine for natural language processing which allows an easy configuration of the system relative to specific requirements. Its main emphasis is accordingly…

Distributed European Linguistic Resource Repository

RELATOR is a European-wide consortium of researchers who, with the support of the European Commission, are striving to establish a European repository of linguistic resources. Linguistic resources…

Test Suites for Natural Language Processing

There is a growing awareness within the natural language (NL) community of the need for adequate assessment and evaluation methods and techniques for NL systems. One technique is the use of the test…

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