Speech and Language Technology



Interactive intelligent speech technologies are conquering our homes. In the Emonymous project, we are pursuing the goal of completely anonymizing a speaker's identity without losing emotional and…

Knowledge-Enhanced information Extraction across languages for PHArmacovigilance

KEEPHA is a trilateral DFG Project, together with partners from France (LIMSI/LISN) and Japan (NAIST, NII, RIKEN). The present project aims to design Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods that…

European Language Equality

Twenty-four official languages and more than 60 regional and minority languages constitute the fabric of the EU’s linguistic landscape. However, language barriers still hamper communication and the…

KI-Technologien für die personalisierte Kuratierung von Online-Beiträgen zur Gewährleistung von Informationstransparenz in Krise

The project PANQURA develops a platform that enables information transparency for end-users in times of crisis such as, e.g., a global pandemic.


Co(n)textual Reasoning and Adaptation for Natural Language Processing

Language is implicit - it omits information. Filling this information gap requires contextual inference, background- and commonsense knowledge, and reasoning over situational context. Language also…

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