Speech and Language Technology


Deep Linguistic Analysis in Verbmobil

In the Verbmobil project the Language Technology Lab develops the German grammar for analysis and generation as well as the components for the deep, that is, complete and semantically correct…

Multilingual Indexing,Navigation and Editing Extensions for the WWW

The MULINEX project is concerned with the efficient use of multilingual online information. The aim is to process multilingual information and present it to the user in a way which facilitates finding…

Transnational Environmental Management Support & Information System

The increasing availability of up-to-date data in the information age is of limited use without adequate presentation. Language technology can make an important contribution to this, whereby…

Practical Generation of Natural Language Text

Dynamically generated text is necessary for many intelligent applications that provide information or include a need to communicate. Many of these applications - for instance, stock market reports,…

Disclosure and dissemination of documents on sustainable development

In the TWENTYONE project environmental organisations, technology providers and research institutes from various European countries are working together to make documents on environmental issues - in…

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