Intelligent Networks


Increasing Industrial Communication Security by Physical Layer Security

The project "Increasing Industrial Communication Security by Physical Layer Security" (IICoSeP) aims to improve the security, integrity and confidentiality of industrial communication infrastructures…

6G for Society and Sustainability

The project "Open6GHub" develops a 6G vision for sovereign citizens in a hyper-connected world from 2030. The aim of the Open6GHub is to provide contributions to a global 6G harmonization process and…

5G Kaiserslautern - Secure Communication and Localization for Automated Guided Vehicles in Flexible Production Environments

The project is based on a 5G OpenRAN indoor network that will be installed in the joint demo room of the Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Factory Systems research areas as part of the German…

Software Technologies Supporting CREAM

This activity aims at establishing the communication architecture of a potential, future CREAM (Collision Risk Estimation and Automated Mitigation) system. It shall develop a framework which allows…

Accellerating digital transformation in europe by Intelligent NETwork automation - Automated Network Telecom Infrastructure with inteLLigent Autonomous Systems

The AI-NET sub-project AI-NET-ANTILLAS focusses on the development of infrastructure elements for automated telecommunication networks to make them suitable for use cases in industries and autonomous…

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