Embedded Intelligence


Methods for Generating Synthetic Wearable And Ubiquitous Sensor Training Data

As wearable sensors have become more and more ubiquitous one would expect human activity recognition (HAR) systems to increasingly move out of the lab into long term, real life scenarios. While the…

6G for Society and Sustainability

The project "Open6GHub" develops a 6G vision for sovereign citizens in a hyper-connected world from 2030. The aim of the Open6GHub is to provide contributions to a global 6G harmonization process and…

Advanced health intelligence for personal behaviour strategies in everyday life

Although interest in and commitment to one's own health is increasing among the population as a whole, it is often difficult for individuals to implement appropriate measures in their everyday lives.…

Safe and Trusted Human Centric ARtificial Intelligence in Future Manufacturing Lines

STAR is a joint effort of AI and digital manufacturing experts towards enabling the deployment of standard-based secure, safe and reliable human-centric AI systems in real-life manufacturing…

Human Centric Algebraic Machine Learning

Algebraisches maschinelles Lernen (AML) wurde kürzlich als neues Lernparadigma vorgeschlagen, das auf der Abstrakten Algebra, der Modelltheorie, aufbaut. Im Gegensatz zu anderen populären…

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