Agents and Simulated Reality


NExt GeNeration ComputinG Environments for Artificial intelliGEnce

ENGAGE is a project within the framework of the strategic research and innovation agenda of DFKI and Inria in the field of artificial intelligence. Advances in machine learning algorithms and hardware…

Studie: Sicherheit von KI-Systemen - TP 2: Symbolische und Hybride KI-Methoden

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has commissioned a study on the topic of "Security of AI systems: Symbolic and Hybrid AI Methods". The study records the current state of research of…

Quantum Artificial Intelligence for Coordination and Cooperation

In the sub-project QAICO (Quantum AI for Coordination and Cooperation) of the joint project QAI2 (Quantum AI for Automotive Industry), DFKI is researching the possibilities and potential of quantum AI…

Embodied Online Dancing with Digital Characters

The aim of the project is to create new technical and scientific foundations for social and physical AI of the real world, especially for improved social interaction with digital characters. For this…

Procedural Reality Capture for the Generation of Critical Scenarios in the Context of Autonomous Vehicle Evaluation and Certification

The goal of the openSCENE project is in the area of generating critical scenarios for the subsequent evaluation and certification of autonomous vehicles. A well-known problem for autonomous driving is…

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