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  1. Maria Luschkova; Christian Schorr; Tim Dahmen

    Synthetic Training Data Generation for Deep Learning-Based Billet Detection in Rolling Mills

    In: Proceedings of the International Conference on NDE 4.0. International Conference on NDE 4.0 (NDE 4.0), October 24-27, Berlin, Germany, DGzfP, …

  2. Neuroscope: An Explainable AI Toolbox for Semantic Segmentation and Image Classification of Convolutional Neural Nets

    In: Antonio Fernández-Caballero (Hrsg.). Applied Sciences, Vol. 11 - Special Issue on Explainable AI, No. 5, Pages 2199-2215, MDPI, Basel, 3/2021.

  3. Pierre Gutierrez; Maria Luschkova; Antoine Cordier; Mustafa Shukor; Mona Schappert; Tim Dahmen

    Synthetic training data generation for deep learning based quality inspection

    Quality Control by Artificial Vision 2021, 2021.