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Neuroscope: An Explainable AI Toolbox for Semantic Segmentation and Image Classification of Convolutional Neural Nets

Christian Schorr; Payman Goodarzi; Fei Chen; Tim Dahmen
In: Antonio Fernández-Caballero (Hrsg.). Applied Sciences, Vol. 11 - Special Issue on Explainable AI, No. 5, Pages 2199-2215, MDPI, Basel, 3/2021.


Trust in artificial intelligence (AI) predictions is a crucial point for a widespread acceptance of new technologies, especially in sensitive areas like autonomous driving. The need for tools explaining AI for deep learning of images is thus eminent. Our proposed toolbox Neuroscope addresses this demand by offering state-of-the-art visualization algorithms for image classification and newly adapted methods for semantic segmentation of convolutional neural nets (CNNs). With its easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), it provides visualization on all layers of a CNN. Due to its open model-view-controller architecture, networks generated and trained with Keras and PyTorch are processable, with an interface allowing extension to additional frameworks. We demonstrate the explanation abilities provided by Neuroscope using the example of traffic scene analysis.


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