Evolving Personal to Organizational Knowledge Spaces

Evolving Personal to Organizational Knowledge Spaces

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The objective of EPOS is to reduce the efforts for personal knowledge management and to evolve personal to organizational knowledge spaces. EPOS addresses the following topics:

  • workspace modeling, techniques for user observation and context identification
  • identification of information needs, query modification for collaborative information retrieval
  • communication structures in interacting knowledge workspaces
  • leveraging individual native information structures to models and ontologies, evidence calculation for ontology creation
  • communication and negotiation protocols on the meta-level
  • ontology-based visualization components, configuration rules for task-specific information-visualization.

EPOS succeeds the FRODO (Framework for Distributed Organization Memories) project. In FRODO several assumptions, methods, and techniques have already been tackled.

The works towards the Semantic Desktop lead to the EU IP-Project Nepomuk

Publications about the project

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