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Multilinguality and Language Technology


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  1. SocialWear - SocialWear - Socially Interactive Smart Fashion

    Im Bereich Wearable Computing liegt der Schwerpunkt traditionell auf der Verwendung Kleidungsstücke als Plattformen für das On-Body-Sensing. Die …

  2. EUC PT - EU Council Presidency Translator

    Language is an essential part of our lives – we use it to share information, to describe our feelings, to discuss with others or to pass on knowledge …

  3. ELG - European Language Grid

    With 24 official EU and many more additional languages, multilingualism in Europe and an inclusive Digital Single Market can only be enabled through …

  4. Pret-a-LLOD - Scalable Open Linked Data environment

    Language technologies increasingly rely on large amounts of data and better access and usage of language resources will enable to provide multilingual …

  5. A-DRZ - Aubau des deutschen Rettungsrobotik-Zentrums (Setting Up the German Rescue Robotics Center)

    In real disaster response deployments to date, robots have been used as fully teleoperated tools. With increasing autonomy, robotic systems should …

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