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Multilinguality and Language Technology


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  1. LT-Bridge - Bridging the technology gap: Integrating Malta into European Research and Innovation efforts for AIbased language technologies

    The Horizon 2020 Work Programme Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation (WIDESPREAD) 2018-2020 states that the disparity in research and …

  2. NotAs - Multilingualer Notruf Assistenz: Unterstützung der Notrufaufnahme durch KI-basierte Sprachverarbeitung

    NotAs explores the feasibility of an AI-supported emergency call assistant to support dispatchers in a 112-call center in handling foreign language …

  3. CORA4NLP - Co(n)textual Reasoning and Adaptation for Natural Language Processing

    Language is implicit - it omits information. Filling this information gap requires contextual inference, background- and commonsense knowledge, and …

  4. XAINES - Explaining AI with Narratives

    In the XAINES project, the aim is not only to ensure explainability, but also to provide explanations (narratives). The central question is whether AI …

  5. IMPRESS - Improving Embeddings with Semantic Knowledge

    Virtually all NLP systems nowadays use vector representations of words, a.k.a. word embeddings. Similarly, the processing of language combined with …

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