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Marine Perception


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  1. RS_of_plastic_WB2 - Artificial intelligence records plastic pollution of rivers in Cambodia and Myanmar

    Latest research results indicate that most of the plastic waste is transported via waterways of more than 100 km², making rivers to the main routes …

  2. RS_of_plastic_WB3 - Artificial intelligence records plastic pollution of rivers in the Philippines

    The Philippines has the third highest rate of incorrectly disposed plastic waste in the world. The greater Manila area is severely affected by the …

  3. CoPDA - Comprehensive Perception and Dynamic Anchoring

    “Robot, bring me my cordless screwdriver!”

    This is a plausible command for a service robot, in a production environment as in a private home. Robots …

  4. RS_of_plastic_WB1 - Smart sensor technology helps to cut plastic waste in the oceans

    Plastic waste in the world`s oceans poses a threat to the marine ecosystem and also to humans. This type of waste is by and large produced on land and …

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