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Marine Perception


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  1. APLASTIC-Q-Obermaubach - APLASTIC-Q-Data-analysis-for-waste-in-Obermaubach

    Several European countries were affected by the destructive floods that occurred in Central Europe in July 2021. The floods damaged infrastructure in …

  2. AILHA - AI enhanced Litter Harvester

    The AILHA – AI enhanced Litter Harvester project aims to clean litter from the world's waters and returning the raw materials to the circular economy, …

  3. Saimidris - Sailing Intelligent Micro Drifter Swarms


    Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


  4. ChESS - Change Event Based Sensor Sampling

    The project aims to accelerate Natural Science research process through part automatization of execution of experimentation by AI powered Change Event …

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