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Marine Perception


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  1. APLASTIC-Q-Canada - Machine Learning identification of pollutants and other debris in Canadian Waterways

    The project deals with the further development of AI methods for the detection and analysis of litter in rivers and canals. Stationary camera systems …

  2. PlasticObs_plus - Verbund - KI: PlasticObs_plus - Maschinelles Lernen auf Multisensordaten der flugzeuggestützten Fernerkundung zur Bekämpfung von Plastikmüll in Meeren und Flüssen

    Airborne monitoring for plastic litter detection represents a modern, universal observation method to address the urgent and rapidly increasing …

  3. ZuSiNa - Better Access and Visibility of Sustainability Information in Online Retail using Artificial Intelligence

    The importance of online retail has been growing for years and has received another boost from the Corona pandemic. At the same time, awareness of …

  4. APLASTICQ-IDN - Plastics monitoring, identification and capacity building in Indonesia

    Recent research shows that Indonesian rivers are among the most polluted in the world. In response, the Indonesian government has launched the …

  5. AI4DTE - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhanced Earth Observation (EO) for on Digital Twin Earth (DTE)

    A digital twin of the earth will allow science and policy users alike to gain insights of our earth system and will help with decision support. We …

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