How Machine Perception Relates to Human Perception: Visual Saliency and Distance in a Frame-by-Frame Semantic Segmentation Task for Highly/Fully Automated Driving

Nico Herbig, Frederik Wiehr, Atanas Poibrenski, Janis Sprenger, Christian Müller

In: ACM/IEEE 1st International Workshop on Software Engineering for AI in Autonomous Systems. International Workshop on Software Engineering for AI in Autonomous Systems (SEFAIAS-2018) located at ICSE May 27-June 3 Gothenburg Sweden ISBN 978-1-4503-5739-5/18/05 ACM/IEEE 2018.


In this paper, we investigate the link between machine perception and human perception for highly/fully automated driving. We compare the classification results of a camera-based frame-by-frame semantic segmentation model (Machine) with a well-established visual saliency model (Human) on the Cityscapes dataset. The results show that Machine classifies foreground objects better if they are more salient, indicating a similarity with the human visual system. For background objects, the accuracy drops when the saliency increases, giving evidence for the assumption that Machine has an implicit concept of saliency.


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