Towards Industry 4.0: Leveraging the Internet of Things for Workplace Learning and Training

Milos Kravcik, Carsten Ullrich, Christoph Igel

In: Vania Dimitrova, Ralf Klamma, Tobias Ley, Stefanie Lindstaedt (editor). Proceedings of the Workshop on European TEL for Workplace Learning and Professional Development. European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL-17) Data Driven Approaches in Digital Education located at 12th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) September 12-15 Tallinn Estonia CEUR 2017.


New technological developments, like the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables and augmented reality, bring a lot of potential for the improvement of workplace learning and training on the way towards Industry 4.0. However, in addition to the new opportunities, there are also accompanying risks and chal- lenges to overcome. On one hand, there is a strong requirement for retraining and upskilling of the workforce, on the other one the employees should be mo- tivated for this change, possess necessary metacognitive competences for pro- fessional development, but also understand and trust the decisions provided by machines. This is closely related to the control of privacy by each individual. Researchers and developers address these issues from various perspectives. Some developed user modeling framework for IoT applications or model psy- chomotor activities. Others use smart technology to support training of practical skills, awareness and reflection by means of learning analytics, as well as guid- ance of users through useful nudges. Here we want to point out several of pro- spective approaches that aim to address the outlined issues. Finally, we attempt to discuss the impact of IoT on workplace learning and training as well as to of- fer a vision on emerging challenges and opportunities.


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