Metalogue: A Multiperspective Multimodal Dialogue System with Metacognitive Abilities for Highly Adaptive and Flexible Dialogue Management

Jan Alexandersson, Maria Aretoulaki, Nick Campbell, Michael Gardner, Andrey Girenko, Dietrich Klakow, Dimitris Koryzis, Volha Petukhova, Marcus Specht, Dimitris Spiliotopoulos, Alexander Stricker, Niels Taatgen

In: IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). 2014 International Conference on Intelligent Environments. Pages 365-369 IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 2014.


This poster paper presents a high-level description of the Metalogue project that is developing a multi-modal dialogue system that is able to implement interactive behaviors that seem natural to users and is flexible enough to exploit the full potential of multimodal interaction. We provide an outline of the initial work undertaken to define a an open architecture for the integrated Metalogue system. This system includes components that are necessary for the implementation of the processing stages for a variety of applications


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz