Adaptive, Intelligent Presentation of Information for the Museum Visitor in PEACH

Oliviero Stock, Massimo Zancanaro, Paulo Busetta, Charles Callaway, Antonio Krüger, Michael Kruppa, Tsvi Kuflik, Elena Not, Cesare Rocchi

In: Alfred Kobsa (editor). User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction: The Journal of Personalization Research 17 3 Pages 257-304 Springer Berlin 2007.


The study of intelligent user interfaces and user modeling and adaptation is well suited for augmenting educational visits to museums. We have defined a novel integrated framework for museum visits and claim that such a framework is essential in such a vast domain that inherently implies complex interactivity. We found that it requires a significant investment in software and hardware infrastructure, design and implementation of intelligent interfaces, and a systematic and iterative evaluation of the design and functionality of user interfaces, involving actual visitors at every stage. We defined and built a suite of interactive and user-adaptive technologies for museum visitors, which was then evaluated at the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, Italy: (1) animated agents that help motivate visitors and focus their attention when necessary, (2) automatically generated, adaptive video documentaries on mobile devices, and (3) automatically generated post-visit summaries that reflect the individual interests of visitors as determined by their behavior and choices during their visit. These components are supported by underlying user modeling and inference mechanisms that allow for adaptivity and personalization. Novel software infrastructure allows for agent connectivity and fusion of multiple positioning data streams in the museum space. We conducted several experiments, focusing on various aspects of PEACH. In one, conducted with 110 visitors, we found evidence that even older users are comfortable interacting with a major component of the system.


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz