From Simulated Dialogues to Interactive Performances

Elisabeth Andre, Stephan Baldes, Thomas Rist

In: Vladimír Mařík, Olga ¦těpánková, Hana Krautwurmová, Michael Luck (editor). Multi-Agent Systems and Applications II. Pages 121-135 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2322 ISBN 978-3-540-43377-4 Springer Berlin, Heidelberg 2002.


In this contribution, we argue in favor of a shift from applications with single presentation agents towards flexible performances given by a team of characters as a new presentation style. We will illustrate our approach by means of two subsequent versions of a test-bed called the "Inhabited Market Place" (IMP1 and IMP2). In IMP1, the attribute "flexible" refers to the system's ability to adapt a presentation to the needs and preferences of a particular user. In IMP2, flexibility additionally refers to the user's option of actively participating in a computer-based performance and influencing the behavior of the involved characters at runtime. While a plan-based approach has proven appropriate in both versions to automatically control the behavior of the agents, IMP2 calls for highly reactive and distributed behavior planning.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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