Proceedings of QURATOR 2021 -- Conference on Digital Curation Technologies

Adrian Paschke, Georg Rehm, Jamal Al Qundus, Clemens Neudecker, Lydia Pintscher (editor)

Conference on Digital Curation Technologies (QURATOR-2021) February 8-12 Berlin Germany CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2/2021.


Digital curation is a complex time and knowledge intensive process, in which knowledge workers create new content artefacts and knowledge insights from heterogeneous sources (content, data, knowledge). The work required for this includes, among others, selecting, summarizing, scheduling, translating, localizing, structuring, condensing, enriching, visualizing and explaining the various contents, taking into account the steadily growing speed, volume and number of sources such as online newspapers, news portals, social media, linked data, business information systems, IoT data streams etc. Artificial Intelligence approaches, in particular from the field of Language and Semantic Knowledge Technologies, are used not only to support these tasks but to accelerateand qualitatively improve them. The objectives of the second International Conference on Digital Curation Technologies, Qurator 2021, are to provide a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of practical insights, the reporting on relevant experience relating to the adoption of digital curation technologies in different application domains, and the demonstration of tools in domain-specific use cases. It is also meant to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and initial results, for example, through posters and demos.


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