Reflecting on APPsist, a Service-based Architecture for AI-based Support on the Shop Floor

Carsten Ullrich, Christoph Igel

In: Vania Dimitrova, Ralf Klamma, Tobias Ley, Stefanie Lindstaedt (editor). Proceedings of the Workshop on European TEL for Workplace Learning and Professional Development. European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL-17), Data Driven Approaches in Digital Education, located at 12th European Conference on Tech. Workshop on European TEL for Workplace Learning and Professional Development CEUR 2017.


In this contribution, we reflect on the APPsist project, in which we designed and developed an architecture for context-sensitive and intelligent-adaptive assistance systems for knowledge and action support on the shop floor. We describe and comment on the socio-technical perspective taken in APPsist, which integrated technical, organizational and human dimensions, and on the technical approach, which aimed at developing a general architecture easily applicable in different scenarios and making use of existing technical infrastructure.


Ullrich17Reflecting.pdf (pdf, 122 KB )

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