Mixed Motive Dialogues in Equilibrium: Kooperative Planung von Antworten in Dialogen mit kongruenten und inkongruenten Teilnehmermotiven

Sabine Janzen

PhD-Thesis Computer Science department, Saarland University 2016.


A mixture of congruent as well as incongruent, partially conflictive motives characterizes cooperative mixed motive dialogues, e.g., sales conversations, where interlocutors make concessions to establish a compromise between selfishness and fair play. So far, no dialogue system is available that supports dialogues of this type. Despite of the overall presence of mixed motive dialogues in everyday life, little attention has been given to this topic in text planning in contrast to scrutinized collaborative and non- collaborative dialogues. In this thesis, a model is introduced that formalizes answer planning as psychological game combined with text planning approaches as well as explicit motive representations for generating dialogues perceived as fair by all interlocutors. Cooperative mixed motive dialogues will be captured theoretically and analyzed by empirical studies before modeling and formalizing results that will be evaluated by means of a prototypical dialogue system. For solving the conflict in mixed motives, a game theoretical equilibrium approach is applied to simulate human cooperative behavior in mixed motive dialogues. Based on established interdisciplinary approaches, this thesis represents an initiative contribution for planning little investigated mixed motive interactions supported by dialogue systems.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz