Mobile Health Systems for Bipolar Disorder: The relevance of Non-Functional Requirements in MONARCA Project

Oscar Mayora, Mads Frost, Berd Anrich, Franz Gravenhorst, Agnes Grünerbl, Amir Muaremi, Venet Osmani, Alessandro Piutatti, Nina Reichwaldt, Corinna Scharnweber, Gerhard Tröster

In: International Journal of Handheld Computing Research (JHCR) 5 1 Pages 1-12 IGI Global 1/2014.


This paper presents a series of challenges for developing mobile health solutions for mental health as a result of MONARCA project three-year activities. The lessons learnt on the design, development and evaluation of a mobile health system for supporting the treatment of bipolar disorder. The findings presented here are the result of over 3 years of activity within the MONARCA EU project. The challenges listed and detailed in this paper may be used in future research as a starting point for identifying important non-functional requirements involved in mobile health provisioning that are fundamental for the successful implementation of mobile health services in real life contexts.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz