A Mobile Mashup for Accessing Distributed Recycling Knowledge

Sönke Knoch, Alexander Kröner

In: Alessandro Bogliolo (editor). International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology (IntTech) 7 1+2 Pages 124-135 IARIA 2014.


From the consumer perspective, classifying a product regarding its environmental impact is a difficult task because relevant knowledge is usually not only diverse, but also distributed over several information sources. In this work, an analysis of mobile "green" applications formed the basis of a mobile application, which aims at providing all recycling-related information in-situ. Its domain model integrates recycling knowledge from several information sources and is capable of disassembling a product into its elementary parts. An information extraction approach allows the automatic integration of relevant content from new Web sources, which were suggested by the user. The mobile application enables the user to initiate interaction with this model over three different ways of describing a product. Beside insights concerning information access and user interaction, a first evaluation of the prototype indicates that the employed fused domain model may outperform results achieved with a traditional approach to web-based information search concerning recycling information. Based on the outcomes of the evaluation, a revised user interface is presented.


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