A Virtual Environment for Collaborative Engineering with Formal Verification

Wolfgang Herget, Christopher Krauß, Andreas Nonnengart, Torsten Spieldenner, Stefan Warwas, Ingo Zinnikus

In: C. Bil, et al. (editor). Proceedings of the 20th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering. ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering (CE-13) 20th September 2-6 Melbourne VIC Australia IOS Press 2013.


In this paper, we present a collaborative, web-based framework to create 3D scenarios for product design, simulation and training assisted by animated avatars. To support correct design and anticipate critical design decisions we employ a verification approach to check for safety and reachability properties. By animating the 3D model based on prover results (trace witnesses out of constructive proofs) the sys- tem provides tangible feedback of the verification to the designer. We describe the components of the framework and illustrate the functionality based on an existing factory production line.

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