Cross curriculum search through the GeoSkills Ontology

Paul Libbrecht

In: D. Massart, J.-N. Colin, F. Van Asche, M. Wolpers (editor). Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Material. International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Material (SE@M-08) located at EC-TEL-2008 September 17 Maastricht Netherlands CEUR Workshop Proceedings Online 385 9/2008.


Interactive Geometry is gaining momentum; it is becoming a core part of mathematics curriculum in several countries and is rec- ognized as a ma jor experimentation possibility for the discovery and acquisition of mathematical principles (see, e.g., [1]). Interactive geome- try constructions? however, are scattered in separate, tool-, nation-, and language-bound, communities. The aim of the pro ject Intergeo, an EU eContentPlus pro ject, is to break the barriers that cause this scatter by providing a shared ?le format and a multilingual platform to share the existing assets. In this article, we focus on the search and annotation process of the platform that crosses the boundaries of national curriculum and language communities. This is done with the help of an ontology, the GeoSkills on- tology, which catalogues the relevant competencies, topics, and educational- contexts in a multilingual way. We explain how the ontological nature helps both in management and in search-engine fuzziness.

Libbrecht-OntologyForCrossCurriculum-SEAM08.pdf (pdf, 187 KB )

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