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Minimalistic Bio-Inspired Brachiation Robots

Mahdi Javadi; Shourie S. Grama; Daniel Pizzutilo; Shivesh Kumar
In: Workshop on Unconventional Robots: Universal Lessons for Designing Unique Systems. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA-2024), May 13-17, Yokohama, Japan, IEEE, 5/2024.


Minimalistic Bio-Inspired Brachiation Robots Dynamic mobile robots gained significant attention in recent years and have demonstrated robustness in performing agile maneuvers and tackling complex tasks. Examples such as parkour capabilities with Atlas biped robot by Boston Dynamics and ANYmal quadruped by ETH Zurich, the superhuman performance of autonomous drones as demonstrated in the work of Song et al. highlight the advancements in mobile robotics. Among the diverse fields of robotics and locomotion modes, bio-inspired brachiation robots have not received the desired level of attention. To investigate this complex mode of locomotion, there is a necessity for minimalist, modular, and cost-effective brachiation robots. This paper presents two unconventional open-source canonical brachiation robots, AcroMonk and RicMonk, that can perform multiple brachiation maneuvers with their passive grippers.


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