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FoRC@NSLP2024: Overview and Insights from the Field of Research Classification Shared Task

Raia Abu Ahmad; Ekaterina Borisova; Georg Rehm
In: Georg Rehm; Sonja Schimmler; Stefan Dietze; Frank Krüger (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Scientific Language Processing and Research Knowledge Graphs (NSLP 2024). Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-2024), May 26-30, Hersonissos, Greece, Greece, Springer series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), 5/2024.


This article provides an overview of the Field of Research Classification (FoRC) shared task conducted as part of the Natural Scientific Language Processing Workshop (NSLP) 2024. The FoRC shared task encompassed two subtasks: the first was a single-label multi-class classification of scholarly papers across a taxonomy of 123 fields, while the second focused on fine-grained multi-label classification within computational linguistics, using a taxonomy of 170 (sub-)topics. The shared task received 13 submissions for the first subtask and two for the second, with teams surpassing baseline performance metrics in both subtasks. The winning team for subtask I employed a multi-modal approach integrating metadata, full-text, and images from publications, achieving a weighted F1 score of 0.75, while the winning team for the second subtask leveraged a weakly supervised X-transformer model enriched with automatically labelled data, achieving a micro F1 score of 0.56 and a macro F1 of 0.43.