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Towards Self-organizing Personal Knowledge Assistants in Evolving Corporate Memories

Christian Jilek; Markus Schröder; Heiko Maus; Sven Schwarz; Andreas Dengel
In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/2308.01732, Pages 1-73, arXiv, 2023.


This paper presents a retrospective overview of a decade of research in our department towards self-organizing personal knowledge assistants in evolving corporate memories. Our research is typically inspired by real-world problems and often conducted in interdisciplinary collaborations with research and industry partners. We summarize past experiments and results comprising topics like various ways of knowledge graph construction in corporate and personal settings, Managed Forgetting and (Self-organizing) Context Spaces as a novel approach to Personal Information Management (PIM) and knowledge work support. Past results are complemented by an overview of related work and some of our latest findings not published so far. Last, we give an overview of our related industry use cases including a detailed look into CoMem, a Corporate Memory based on our presented research already in productive use and providing challenges for further research. Many contributions are only first steps in new directions with still a lot of untapped potential, especially with regard to further increasing the automation in PIM and knowledge work support.


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