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Workshop on Smart Urban Micromobility

Tanja Schneeberger; Stefan Schaffer; Dimitra Tsovaltzi; Lara Chehayeb; Patrick Gebhard (Hrsg.)
Mensch und Computer (MuC-2023), located at Mensch und Computer 2023, September 3-6, Rapperswil, Switzerland, GI, 2023.


Urban mobility is evolving towards sustainable transportation as awareness of the environmental impact of transportation increases. In addition, efforts to improve public health, are leading to a greater focus on micromobile means of urban transport, such as bicycles or scooters. Although the number of people using micromobile urban transport is increasing, technologies to improve rider safety have been researched mainly in the context of motorized vehicles. In this workshop, we will present research and discuss ideas for smart urban micromobility. Therefore, we invite scientists and practitioners from different backgrounds to contribute with their latest work. Our goal is to bring together micromobility and technology enthusiasts to discuss and identify opportunities to provide a smart and safer mode of transportation.