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WidgetExplorer: A Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation Platform to Design Chatbots for all User Groups

Patrick Stadler; Stefan Schaffer
CUI@CHI: Inclusive Design of CUIs Across Modalities and Mobilities. Workshop at the ACM CHI 2023 Conference, 2023.


The design and evaluation of Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) are a resource-intensive and complex process. To be as user-friendly and accessible to all users as possible, many different factors that can have an influence on such aspects must be considered when creating CUI applications (e.g., chatbots). Marginalized groups should be involved in the design process from the very beginning to make the application equally accessible to all people. We present WidgetExplorer, a tool for rapid prototyping and evaluating the design of CUIs. With WidgetExplorer, various aspects of conversation design, such as variants of visual elements of a CUI (i.e., widgets) or different wordings, can be sketched and tested in parallel and evaluated in any browser, lowering the technical barriers for both, stakeholders, and participants.