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Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index [eng.]

Tilman Becker; Anselm Blocher; Isabel Bücker; Marvin Drewel; Andreas Faath; Tobias Harland; Mario Hermann; Gerd Herzog; Christian Hocken; Philipp Jussen; Ulrike Krebs; Maximilian Lukas; Benedikt Moser; Katrin Pitz; Daniel Porta; Jan Reschke; Sebastian Schmitz; Moritz Schröter; Moritz Weber; Lucas Wenger; Alexander Werbig; Johannes Winter; Violett Zeller; Günther Schuh; Reiner Anderl; Jürgen Gausemeier; Michael ten Hompel; Wolfgang Wahlster
Managing the Digital Transformation of Companies, ISBN 978-3-8316-7314-8, Herbert Utz Verlag, München, 6/2017.


Digitally connected industrial production promises faster and more efficient processes - in development and production, services, marketing & sales and for adapting entire business models. Agility and the ability to make changes in real time are strategic chracteristics of successful companies in Industrie 4.0. To acquire these features, it is necessary to create a continuously expanding data base. However, a company's organisational structure and culture also play an important part in determining whether this data's potential is leveraged effectively. This acatech STUDY describes a new tool for helping manufacturing enterprises to forge their own individual path towards becoming a learning, agile company. The acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index is a six-stage maturity model that analyses the capabilities in the area of resources, information systems, culture and organisational structure that are required by companies operating in a digitalised industrial environment. The attainment of each development stage promises concrete additional benefits for manufacturing companies. The model's practical application was validated in a medium-sized company.


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