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Towards Experience-based Assistance for Personal Robotic Process Automation by Process-Oriented Case-based Reasoning

Christian Zeyen; Rudolf Koch; Sven Schwarz; Heiko Maus; Ralph Bergmann
In: ICCBR POCBR'22: Workshop on Process-Oriented Case-based Reasoning at ICCBR-2022. Workshop on Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning (POCBR-2022), located at 30th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2022), September 12, Nancy, France, Vol. 3389,, 9/2022.


Robotic process automation (RPA) uses software robots to interact with user interfaces like humans. It thus allows for automating processes across existing application systems without needing internal data interfaces. Personal RPA, also referred to as Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), is the application of RPA on the desktop of human workers to automate so-called "swivel chair" processes in everyday work. Today personal RPA lacks integration of (procedural) experience and the assistance of human workers with appropriate workflows to be executed in the respective work context. Our work aims to provide experience-based assistance for personal RPA workflows. The support includes workflow execution by pro-active and context-related recommendations of suitable workflows and workflow modeling by fostering reuse. This paper discusses the application of process-oriented case-based reasoning for this purpose. We present the knowledge representation for the assistance system and examine the initial data basis of real RPA workflows as a foundation for developing the methods.


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