An OPC UA Model of the Skill Execution Interaction Protocol for the Active Asset Administration Shell

Aleksandr Sidorenko, Magnus Volkmann, William Motsch, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

In: Procedia Manufacturing 55 Pages 191-199 Elsevier 2021.


A skill-based engineering approach promises to increase changeability and flexibility in modern industrial automation systems. Skills can be modelled as finite state machines and then be exposed by means of OPC UA enabling their orchestration. A concept of the I4.0 language suggests peer-to-peer collaboration between I4.0 components rather than a hierarchical ”use and monitor” pattern of the OPC UA skills. This paper focuses on the integration of these two approaches to enable Cyber-Physical Production Modules to use skills in a more cooperative manner. First, we describe the existing OPC UA skill models and their abilities to abstract complex production processes. Then, we concentrate on modelling of the I4.0 language messages and the interaction state machines for the ”skill execution” semantic interaction protocol as well as its representation in an Asset Administration Shell. Finally, on a simple example we show how the protocol may be used by two I4.0 components.

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