Evaluating User Experience in Tangible Augmented Reality

Denise Kahl, Marc Ruble, Antonio Krüger

Evaluating User Experiences in Mixed Reality Workshop @ CHI'21 CHI'21 5/2021.


In Virtual Reality (VR) applications, a lot of attention is already paid to how real a physical proxy object you interact with needs to feel in order to provide a good User Experience. However, when evaluating Augmented Reality (AR) applications, this is still strongly underrepresented. Especially in the area of Tangible Augmented Reality (TAR), however, the measurement of Presence is of great importance. Since virtual objects are integrated into the real world, it is important that the interaction with them feels as realistic as possible. Therefore, a possibility should be created to be able to determine User Experience in AR applications as well, in order to be able to compare applications with each other. The measurements carried out in the field of VR, such as the determination of Presence, should be used as a reference.

CHI2021_W13_Kahl.pdf (pdf, 11 MB )

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