Inciting Engagement and Collaboration through Interaction Design: An Urban Transport Symstems Digitisation Case Study

Tinalee Gallico, Gesche Joost

The City and Complexity - Life, Design and Commerce in the Built Environment .


Over recent decades the importance of enabling diverse stakeholders to deliberate, provide input or co-create has resonated with built environment, governance and design discourses. However due to their complexity, matters concerning urban systems present significant challenges to communicative and collaborative engagement activities in practice. This article provides a case study of interaction design led communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration on sustainable and open urban transport systems. It presents novel interactive online and offline formats that aimed to incite comprehension, critique and ideation activities for broad audiences despite the complexity involved. Namely, it shares learnings from the creation and application of an online taxonomy as well as a printable card deck created in alignment with interaction design principles. The dual formats are found to be useful tools that could be utilized in education, policy making, consultation and innovation fields as part of solution finding processes for the increasingly complex digitization challenges facing cities and societies.

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