A Smart Integration Layer for Smart City Business Applications

Daniel Spieldenner, Torsten Spieldenner

In: ICSGSC 2020 Conference Proceedings. International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC-2020) IEEE 2020.


With large scale prototype projects like Dubai, New York or the Smart Cities Mission in India, Smart Cities are no longer a vague idea from the future but are getting more and more momentum in today’s world. While the Internet of Things is emerging as the technology of choice to connect devices and services of all size and complexity to form a Smart City, the problem of interoperability between business layer applications is far from being solved. A remedy for this may come from the world of the Semantic Web: Lifting exchanged data to a semantic level not only allows to abstract from existing interfaces, a vast selection of already available ontologies for different use case scenarios facilitate the creation of an abstraction layer by already providing a commonly available vocabulary to describe functionality and data to be provided. In this paper, we present a light weight, domain specific semantic interoperability layer, and its use in a Smart City environment.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz