How Do We Support Technical Tasks in the Age of Augmented Reality? Some Evidence from Prototyping in Mechanical Engineering

Friedemann Kammler, Jonas Brinker, Jannis Vogel, Tahany Hmaid, Oliver Thomas

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS-2019) December 15-18 Munich Germany AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2019.


Industrial sectors like mechanical engineering currently define themselves primarily through their product business. However, a change can currently be observed. Instead of continuing to engineer products for maximum reliability, solution systems are developed that leverage their performance from services such as maintenance. For these, information supply is an essential factor, since the underlying products are becoming more complex. Additionally, these products are integrating information and communication technology, which can supply technicians, e.g. with actual condition data. To be able to use this information, technicians need service support systems (SSS) that yet exist on mobile and simple wearable devices. This article reports from the development of an SSS-based on augmented reality glasses. The developed system was used to support a LEGO assembly task and evaluated with the Task-Technology Fit model. The result shows that AR glasses can be used for the information supply of technicians but still need further development to allow for adequate service support.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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