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  1. XAI4SFAS - Intelligentes Assistenzsystem für die teilautonome Schiffsführung


    marinom GmbH

    Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth


  2. HAI-x - Hybrid AI explainer

    More and more industry, business and science applications employ multiple AI techniques and AI workflows to solve complex problems and automate as …

  3. iMagine - Imaging data and services for aquatic science

    Aquatic research often relies on image and video data to gain knowledge about our oceans, lakes and rivers. Current challenges in this research area …

  4. ZLW - Zukunftslabor Wassermanagement


    Beteiligte wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen:

    − Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg (UOL)

    − Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH)

    − Technische …

  5. APLASTIC-Q-Canada - Machine Learning identification of pollutants and other debris in Canadian Waterways

    The project deals with the further development of AI methods for the detection and analysis of litter in rivers and canals. Stationary camera systems …

  6. PlasticObs_plus - Verbund - KI: PlasticObs_plus - Maschinelles Lernen auf Multisensordaten der flugzeuggestützten Fernerkundung zur Bekämpfung von Plastikmüll in Meeren und Flüssen

    Airborne monitoring for plastic litter detection represents a modern, universal observation method to address the urgent and rapidly increasing …

  7. ZuSiNa - Better Access and Visibility of Sustainability Information in Online Retail using Artificial Intelligence

    The importance of online retail has been growing for years and has received another boost from the Corona pandemic. At the same time, awareness of …

  8. ChESS - Change Event Based Sensor Sampling

    The project aims to accelerate Natural Science research process through part automatization of execution of experimentation by AI powered Change Event …

  9. MATE - Maritime Traffic Emissions: A monitoring network

    Maritime ship traffic is globally increasing with 90% of the world trade being carried over the ocean. The emissions of the maritime traffic are a …