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Prospectively investigating the impact of AI on shared decision making in post-kidney transplant care

Health care is undergoing a transformation from a paternalistic to a patient-centred approach. Medical decision-making is therefore a collaborative process between patients, their relatives and doctors. Involving patients in their treatment decisions can be problematic, as the communicative preferences of patients and doctors sometimes differ and change over time. Implementing participatory decision-making (PE) in clinical practice has become even more challenging with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), which introduces another potential actor into the communicative network. AI can change doctor-patient interactions and shift conditions for trustworthiness, transparency and accountability. Despite this, we know very little about how AI affects doctor-patient interaction and whether it can promote and/or hinder patient engagement.

This project will help to fill this gap. It is the first systematic empirical study to prospectively investigate the views of kidney transplant patients, their relatives and physicians on the impact of AI on PE and the normative basis for the use of AI in routine care. Using an interdisciplinary and innovative approach, this project will explore how AI can be embedded in PE to promote trust between stakeholders. The results will help future research, health policy and practice to pave the way for the routine use of AI without compromising the authority of the people who use or are affected by the AI information.


Universität Regensburg Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Publications about the project

Bilgin Osmanodja; Zeineb Sassi; Sascha Eickmann; Carla Maria Hansen; Roland Roller; Aljoscha Burchardt; David Samhammer; Peter Dabrock; Sebastian Möller; Klemens Budde; Anne Herrmann

In: JMIR Research Protocols, Vol. 13, No. 1, Pages 1-5, JMIR Publications Inc., Toronto, Canada, 2024.

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Roland Roller; Aljoscha Burchardt; David Samhammer; Simon Ronicke; Wiebke Duettmann; Sven Schmeier; Sebastian Möller; Peter Dabrock; Klemens Budde; Manuel Mayrdorfer; Bilgin Osmanodja

In: PLOS ONE (PLOS), Vol. 18, No. 4, Pages 1-17, Public Library of Science, 4/2023.

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