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Virtuelle Musikberatung im Semantic Web

Virtuelle Musikberatung im Semantic Web

In a world of spontaneously federating services, there is no point in having a proprietary service, there is no point in staying out of the directory, there is no point in using an XML protocol that no one understands, there is no point in basing it on a proprietary server, and there is no need to justify the obvious error in following that path.

Simon Phipps, chief technology evangelist, Sun Microsystems, Inc., 2001 MPeer delivers intelligent assistance for diverse services related to music. The computer is acting most of the time in background, accessing and aligning heterogenous data sources via cooperating, intelligent agents. The computer paradigm is P2P in order to achieve a maximum of distributed processing and storage power.

In contrast to well-known wrapper technology Mpeer explores the possibilities of the Semantic Web. Music ontologies and large-scale metadata repositories (e.g. MPEG-7 stores) will be accessed and aligned, Mpeer acts as a mediating service. Interesting fields of commercial applications may be:

E-Commerce Mobile Services Location-based Services Community Platforms