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Project | KEEPHA


Knowledge-Enhanced information Extraction across languages for PHArmacovigilance

Application fields

KEEPHA is a trilateral DFG Project, together with partners from France (LIMSI/LISN) and Japan (NAIST, NII, RIKEN). The present project aims to design Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods that automatically digest these different types of text sources and jointly extract such knowledge and observations in order to populate existing knowledge bases. Our project showcases these methods in the domain of pharmacovigilance, which endeavors to maintain up-to-date knowledge on adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for the benefit of public health. In this domain, authoritative sources include scientific journals and drug labels while elementary observations are reported in patient records and social media.



Publications about the project

  1. Automatic Extraction of Medication Mentions from Tweets - Overview of the BioCreative VII Shared Task 3 Competition

    Davy Weissenbacher; Karen O'Connor; Siddharth Rawal; Yu Zhang; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai; Timothy Miller; Dongfang Xu; Carol Anderson; Bo Liu; Qing Han; Jinfeng Zhang; Igor Kulev; Berkay Köprü; Raul Rodriguez-Esteban; Elif Ozkirimli; Ammer Ayach; Roland Roller; Stephen Piccolo; Peijin Han; V G Vinod Vydiswaran; Ramya Tekumalla; Juan M Banda; Parsa Bagherzadeh; Sabine Bergler; João F Silva; Tiago Almeida; Paloma Martinez; Renzo Rivera-Zavala; Chen-Kai Wang; Hong-Jie Dai; Luis Alberto Robles Hernandez; Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez

    In: Database - The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation, Vol. 2023, Pages 1-10, Oxford University Press, 2/2023.
  2. NTCIR-17 MedNLP-SC Social Media Adverse Drug Event Detection: Subtask Overview

    Shoko Wakamiya; Lis Kanashiro Pereira; Lisa Raithel; Hui-Syuan Yeh; Peitao Han; Seiji Shimizu; Tomohiro Nishiyama; Gabriel Herman Bernardim Andrade; Noriki Nishida; Hiroki Teranishi; Narumi Tokunaga; Philippe Thomas; Roland Roller; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Yuji Matsumoto; Akiko Aizawa; Sebastian Möller; Cyril Grouin; Thomas Lavergne; Aurélie Névéol; Patrick Paroubek; Shuntaro Yada; Eiji Aramaki

    In: The 17th NTCIR Conference - Evaluation of Information Access Technologies. Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies (NTCIR-17), December 12-15, Tokyo, Japan, National Institute of Informatics (NII), 2023.


DFG - German Research Foundation

DFG - German Research Foundation