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Project | Early Trend Radar

Early Trend Radar

Early Trend Radar

Identifying and monitoring trends at a global level is crucial for successful innovation and marketing processes. The increasing amount of potentially relevant topics and the speed of their development in a globalized and accelerated world makes this task extremely challenging.

The idea: to leverage the potential of digital data (e.g. blogs, search data, scientific publications) to enable a fast and objective trend identification and a real-time trend monitoring at global scale.


Automate the process of identifying, monitoring and predicting trends by gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources and aggregate this data-set in one comprehensive but easy-to use tool. Identify upcoming weak signals related to specific topics via state-of-the-art bibliometric algorithms. Automate and evaluate every trend in all relevant regions based on the coverage in local expert and mass media sources. Automate screening of mass and expert media sources for relevant trend signals.




IBB Berlin