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DFKI present at Open Day Saarland University 2022

| Health & Medicine | Trade & Logistics | Smart Home & Assisted Living | Image Recognition & Understanding | Machine Learning & Deep Learning | Human-Machine Interaction | Virtual & Augmented Reality | Agents and Simulated Reality | Innovative Retail Laboratory | Cognitive Assistants | Saarbrücken

After two years as a digital event, Saarland University's Open Day will be held in attendance mode on Saturday, May 21, 2022. DFKI will also be present, showing selected system demos from 10:00 - 14:30 at the Saarbrücken site. Visitors can control lamps with brainwaves, climb a skyscraper with VR goggles, try out systems for motion detection of pedestrians in traffic, learn about the use of AI in developing novel implants, and get an idea of the future of shopping.

Here are the system demonstrations from various research areas in detail:

Experience motion capture for yourself
In simulation-based traffic research at the DFKI, motion capture is used to record movement patterns that predict pedestrian behavior, for example. Visitors can try out the systems themselves and gain insights into modern simulation environments.

BrainLamp - BCI-based lamp control
The Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) describes the interface between the brain and computer. Here, the brain's electrical activity is converted into control commands for machines using machine-learning algorithms. The demonstrator shows an application for controlling a light bulb with a Muse headset.

Climbing in Virtual Reality
At the DFKI Cognitive Assistants research department, human-machine interaction in sports is being considered, among other things. Those interested can try out a research prototype that lets them climb a skyscraper in virtual reality.

Individualized implants and prostheses for the treatment of lower extremities
Based on conventional imaging techniques, this project internally combines state-of-the-art techniques in segmentation, 3D reconstruction, mechanical simulation, and lasers to create an individualized implant for patients to significantly improve the chances of healing.

Innovative technologies for retail
The Innovative Retail Laboratory at DFKI deals with all issues related to retail and shopping of the future. In addition to the use of AI, human-computer interaction also plays a significant role. On display will be an intelligent deli counter, a cereal advisor, and the augmented reality sustainability app.


More information about the Open Day at Saarland University:


Press contact:

Armindo Da Silva Ribeiro, B.A.

Corporate Communications , DFKI