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AI'd Forge - German-Finnish cooperation in the transfer of AI technologies to companies

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The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Finnish AI implementation expert Emblica, based in Helsinki, will support companies in digital transformation in the future. DFKI will contribute its research expertise in the technology fields of data analysis, generative AI, image and signal recognition and processing as well as AI-based forecasting. Emblica will share its experience in advising companies in the field of business process optimization through AI-based software solutions and their implementation. The collaboration is complemented by the consulting company Remode ME and their expertise in international business development and venture building. The joint program under the name "AI'd Forge" was presented for the first time May 30, 2024 at the digital convention "Noerd" in Rostock.

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Philipp Koch from DFKI's AI in Medical Image and Signal Processing research department and Teemu Heikkilä, CEO Emblica

AI'd Forge aims to support companies in identifying the potential of artificial intelligence in their operations, developing customized AI solutions and implementing them.

Emblica focuses, in particular, on those areas in which AI promises a high return on investment and scaling opportunities. DFKI's broad research spectrum and Emblica's many years of practical experience offer companies a combination of in-depth industry knowledge and the latest research results. The aim is to implement these in such a way that the result is seamless integration into the existing company software.

Philipp Koch, Research Department Manager in DFKI’s AI in Medical Image and Signal Processing research area:

“We aim to support companies in the best possible way with the use of artificial intelligence through AI'd Forge. In doing so, we rely not only on the expertise and know-how of the DFKI but also on the experience of Emblica to jointly identify challenges and develop tailored solutions for companies. Our focus is on a trustworthy and needs-based collaboration as well as knowledge transfer so that companies can optimally leverage AI opportunities for their success.”

Teemu Heikkilä, CEO of Emblica:

"With AI'd Forge, we support companies throughout their individual journey to the optimal use of artificial intelligence - from the initial idea to the implementation of the solution, its operation and its continuous further development. We always consider a company’s needs and resources, and customize our support accordingly, including knowledge transfer to in-house developers. Together with DFKI's expertise and its broad research spectrum, we can significantly improve the way companies approach the implementation of AI."

To this end, DFKI and Emblica have defined a model process that holistically maps the introduction of AI processes in companies. It describes the entire process chain from knowledge transfer to the possible uses of AI through to implementation. In joint workshops, the AI'd Forge team works with the company to identify the business areas with potential for optimization. The next step is to examine which AI technologies and processes could provide a remedy. Before implementation, AI'd Forge draws up a business case that specifically elaborates the expected benefits. The DFKI and Emblica team then examines what is required to develop an adapted AI solution and estimates the time, personnel and financial costs involved. The roll-out occurs based on a concrete development and implementation plan, which also focuses on the transfer of knowledge to in-house developers.

Thanks to the collaboration between a German research partner and a Finnish implementation service provider, AI'd Forge offers companies from both countries access to leading expertise in the field of AI. In the future, AI'd Forge could serve as a model for cross-border and cross-sector collaboration with other European partners.

About DFKI

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI) was founded in 1988 as a non-profit public-private partnership (PPP). It has locations in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Bremen and Lower Saxony, laboratories in Berlin, Darmstadt and Lübeck, as well as a branch office in Trier. DFKI has been researching AI for humans for over 35 years and is oriented towards social relevance and scientific excellence in the key future-oriented research and application areas of artificial intelligence. DFKI is one of the most important "Centers of Excellence" in the international scientific community. Around 1,560 employees from over 76 nations are currently researching innovative software solutions. In its laboratory in Lübeck, DFKI is researching AI in medical image and signal processing.

About Emblica

Emblica is a Finnish company that has specialized in artificial intelligence for over ten years. It develops and implements customized AI solutions for companies in the private and public sectors. With a focus on practical implementation and measurable results, Emblica has led AI implementation in numerous market-leading organizations.

About Remode ME

Remode ME is a consulting company based in Helsinki that helps innovative companies in Europe and Africa achieve growth and global success. Remode ME's international team develops and implements strategies for market entry, building B2B/BB2B partnerships, and venture building.

Further information:

(Joint press release DFKI & Emblica)


Philipp Koch, M.Sc.

Researcher , DFKI-Forschungsbereich KI in der medizinischen Bild- und Signalverarbeitung

Teemu Heikkilä

CEO , Emblica

Oki Tåg

Remode ME

Press contact:

Swantje Schmidt

Leiterin Communications & Media , DFKI Lübeck / Bremen