Intelligent Semantic Mediation, Knowledge Acquisition and User Interaction

Daniel Sonntag, Daniel Porta

In: Wolfgang Wahlster, Hans-Joachim Grallert, Stefan Weiss, Hermann Friedrich, Thomas Widenka (editor). Towards the Internet of Services: The THESEUS Research Program. Pages 179-189 Springer Berlin 2014.


The design and implementation of combined mobile and touchscreen-based multimodal Web 3.0 interfaces should include new approaches of intelligent semantic mediation, knowledge acquisition and user interaction when dealing with a semantic-based digitalization of mostly unstructured textual or image-based source information. In this article, we propose a semantic-based model for those three tasks. The technical components rely on semantic web data structures in order to, first, transcend the traditional keyboard and mouse interaction metaphors, and second, provide the representation structures for more complex, collaborative interaction scenarios that may combine mobile with terminal-based interaction to accommodate the growing need to store, organize, and retrieve all these data. Interactive knowledge acquisition plays a major role in increasing the quality of automatic annotations as well as the usability of different intelligent user interfaces to control, correct, and add annotations to unstructured text and image sources. Examples are provided in the context of the Medico and Texo use cases.

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