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Sensors & Networks

A growing network of embedded and autonomous systems surrounds our everyday lives – from smartphones and automobiles to medical technology and cloud computing. With the increasing complexity of sensory systems, requirements are growing in terms of performance, security, accuracy and reliability.


On the 10th of May 2022, the fourth joint so-called "Theme Development Workshop" (TDW) focused on the latest trends and challenges of "AI for Future…

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German-French project R4Agri launched

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Die Verwaltungsschalte entwickelt sich zur Schlüsseltechnologie für die Umsetzung neuer Produktionsarchitekturen. Aus dem digitalen Typenschild…

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Human Centered Technologies for a Safer and Greener European Construction Industry

The European construction industry faces three major challenges: improve its productivity, increase the safety and wellbeing of its workforce and make a shift towards a green, resource efficient…

Urban FloodResilience - Smart Tools


Das Projektkonsortium besteht aus der Hochschule Koblenz (Konsortialführer), der Universität Trier, der Hochschule Trier mit dem Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld (UCB), dem Deutschen Forschungszentrum…

Increasing Industrial Communication Security by Physical Layer Security

The project "Increasing Industrial Communication Security by Physical Layer Security" (IICoSeP) aims to improve the security, integrity and confidentiality of industrial communication infrastructures…

Reasoning auf landwirtschaftlichen Daten - Integration von Metriken und qualitativen Perspektiven

"Entferne schädliches Unkraut auf dem Feld, aber setze keine chemischen Mittel in der Nähe eines Gewässers ein!"

Bei der Durchführung landwirtschaftlicher Arbeiten müssen solche Regeln beachtet…

Methods for Generating Synthetic Wearable And Ubiquitous Sensor Training Data

As wearable sensors have become more and more ubiquitous one would expect human activity recognition (HAR) systems to increasingly move out of the lab into long term, real life scenarios. While the…

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