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Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine learning systems act independently and give recommendations based on learned knowledge from large amounts of data. When deep neural networks are used in machine learning, this is referred to as deep learning. The basis for such CPU-intensive methods is the combination of special algorithms, a powerful infrastructure and training data.


An important foundation stone has been laid for the planned establishment of a DFKI research lab in Japan: A cooperation agreement was signed with…

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Article by DFKI CEO Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger in Unternehmermagazin, issue 1/2-2022.

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Wenn Künstliche Intelligenz bei Diagnosen mitdenkt oder wie aus Pferden Zebras werden. Was ist eine „intelligente“ Wursttheke und wie denkt eigentlich…

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Human Centered Technologies for a Safer and Greener European Construction Industry

The European construction industry faces three major challenges: improve its productivity, increase the safety and wellbeing of its workforce and make a shift towards a green, resource efficient…

Urban FloodResilience - Smart Tools


Das Projektkonsortium besteht aus der Hochschule Koblenz (Konsortialführer), der Universität Trier, der Hochschule Trier mit dem Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld (UCB), dem Deutschen Forschungszentrum…

NoStrandAMust - Bodenkontaktsimulation zur Verbesserung der Lokomotionsperformance mobiler Roboter

NoStrandAMust is a project with the goal of experimentally investigating the ground interaction of different robots and generating models for the interaction using AI methods. These models are to be…


In the project Autowerkstatt 4.0 (AW 4.0), a consortium consisting of companies and research institutes is developing a platform for the trustworthy data exchange of industry-specific AI models and…

GAIA-X 4 ROMS - Support und Remote-Operation automatisierter und vernetzter Mobility Services

Neue Mobilitätslösungen sollen den Transport von Personen und Gütern auch unter Klimaschutz-Aspekten sichern. Ansätze liegen hier neben der Dekarbonisierung in der Stärkung des öffentlichen Verkehrs…

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