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Human-Machine Interaction

Interactive and user-friendly interfaces form the basis of multimodal human-technology interaction. Personalized dialogue systems combine speech, gestures and facial expressions with physical interaction. This involves the use of user, task and domain models in order to make dialogue behaviour as natural as possible and dialogue comprehension stable even under difficult conditions. Future user interface concepts are detached from the usual mouse and keyboard paradigms and enable intuitive, gesture-based control.


The cooperation between Inria and DFKI had its trade fair premiere at VivaTech 2022: In a tandem, the two research organizations presented start-ups…

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Article by DFKI CEO Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger in Unternehmermagazin, issue 1/2-2022.

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Wenn Künstliche Intelligenz bei Diagnosen mitdenkt oder wie aus Pferden Zebras werden. Was ist eine „intelligente“ Wursttheke und wie denkt eigentlich…

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GAIA-X 4 ROMS - Support und Remote-Operation automatisierter und vernetzter Mobility Services

Neue Mobilitätslösungen sollen den Transport von Personen und Gütern auch unter Klimaschutz-Aspekten sichern. Ansätze liegen hier neben der Dekarbonisierung in der Stärkung des öffentlichen Verkehrs…

Tangible reality - skilful interaction of user hands and fingers with real tools in mixed reality worlds

The goal of the GreifbAR project is to make mixed reality (MR) worlds, including virtual (VR) and augmented reality ("AR"), tangible and graspable by allowing users to interact with real and virtual…

Robotic Material Transport in Damage Situations

The aim of the project is to design and develop a partially automated, mobile assistance robot to support material transport through impassable terrain. The main areas of application are rescue…

Knowledge based learning platform with Artificial Intelligent structured content

The goal of the research project KAINE (Knowledge based learning platform with Artificial Intelligent structured content) is to better take into account the prior knowledge and experience of the…

Human-Machine Interaction Modeling for Continuous Improvement of Robot Behavior

The current developments in digitalization, AI-based data processing, and powerful hardware lay the groundwork for

future embodied AI assistants. These intelligent robots must be versatile, adaptive…

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