Plan-Based Robot Control


Resource-efficient AI for Embedded Systems in Agricultural Machines

The application of AI methods appears to be useful in agriculture because the environment is highly dynamic, not fully known and not fully controllable. If AI-based applications are carried out on the…

ein agrarwirtschaftliches KI-Ökosystem

The Agri-Gaia project is creating an AI ecosystem for the agricultural and food industry based on Gaia-X. For this purpose, an innovative B2B platform is being realized that provides industry-specific…

Experimental environment for industrial-grade development of semantic environment perception.

The fusion of data with high spatial and temporal resolution and their interpretation are essential innovation drivers for the realisation of more sustainable processes in plant cultivation. Here,…

Development of a Serious Game to reduce nitrate emissions in pig farming

The goal of the PigNPlay project is to provide farmers in training, practice and other target groups with an instrument to raise their awareness and understanding of the topics of “nitrogen emissions…

Bringing AI Planning to the European On-Demand AI Platform

The project AIPlan4EU aims to bring the most advanced task planning and execution technology to companies, small and medium size enterprises, innovators, practitioners and more through the European AI…

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Plan-Based Robot Control
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